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The Food Hog’s Global Culinary Challenge: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 18th Mar 2024 – The Food Hog is excited to announce the launch of a unique culinary competition, The Food Hog Global Culinary Challenge, a competition that intersects tradition and contemporary culinary art. This challenge is a quest for the next great international dish through an exploration of re-invented authentic dishes (through the lens of other cuisines) from around the world.

Challenge Details

Participants are tasked with selecting an authentic dish from any culture and creatively combining it with elements from different cuisines and/or incorporating modern cooking techniques. The aim is to create a dish that maintains the essence and authenticity while introducing an innovative twist that reflects the melting pot of modern global culinary practices.

The Food Hog encourages submissions that:

Showcase Culinary Creativity: Entry dishes should blend traditional and modern elements in a way that showcases culinary creativity but is also respectful to the local culture and traditions whose cuisine it represents.

Highlight Cultural Significance:  Dishes should come with a story, including but not limited to the cultural background of the original authentic dish as well as the inspiration behind its modern counterpart.

Demonstrate Technical Skill: Whether it’s through the use of contemporary cooking techniques, quirky ingredient combinations, or inventive presentation, entries should display at least some extent of culinary expertise.

Judging and Prizes

A panel of culinary experts from The Food Hog, including personalities like Daniel Kiteski and Dirk James, will judge entries based on creativity, authenticity, flavor, and the story behind each dish​​. The winner will receive:

Feature on The Food Hog: An in-depth feature story, including a video interview discussing the winner’s culinary journey and the inspiration behind the winning dish.

A Culinary Expedition: An all-expenses-paid culinary tour to a destination of the winner’s choice renowned for its food culture (i.e. Florence, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Copenhagen, etc.).

Collaboration Opportunities: A chance to collaborate with The Food Hog on a series of articles or videos, sharing their culinary expertise and insights with a global audience.

The Food Hog Global Culinary Challenge is The Food Hog’s contribution to global culinary and cultural diversity as well as the innovative spirit of modern cuisine. It invites participants to contribute to a culinary dialogue between the past and the present, and to translate it to an universal language of food that unites culinary enthusiasts from around the globe.

About The Food Hog 

The Food Hog is a culinary platform designed to introduce food enthusiasts to authentic recipes, diverse flavors, exotic dishes, and quirky culinary tales from around the world through engaging storytelling that unites individuals through their love for food. The Food Hog has offered an abundance of culinary experiences from around the globe, from Indian street food delicacies and quirky, exotic to less-known cuisines (i.e. Balkan Cuisines, Central Asian cuisines, etc.) and straight-out bizarre delicacies most people probably wouldn’t try, the platform showcases a wide array of recipes, reviews, and cultural insights.

For more information about The Food Hog and their culinary explorations, please visit their website.


Media Contact

Organization: The Food Hog

Contact Person: Daniel Kiteski



City: Ljubljana

Country: Slovenia

Release Id: 18032410388

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