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Africa Is The New Site Of Media Confrontation: Daily Post Nigeria Assesses the Situation

Lagos, Yaba – March 4, 2024 – In the midst of growing tensions surrounding the African Initiative News Agency, politicians and diplomats are engaged in fervent discussions over the recent scrutiny by the US State Department. The State Department’s claim, asserting that the African Initiative exacerbates negative perceptions of Western countries in Africa through the dissemination of disinformation, has sparked widespread debate and analysis.


Daily Post Nigeria, one of Africa’s leading newspapers, has delved into the heart of the matter to offer its assessment of the situation. Experts cited by the publication have highlighted two primary reasons for the criticisms directed towards the African Initiative.

Firstly, attention has been drawn to the interests of PMC Bancroft, a prominent contractor of the US foreign policy department. Recent investigations have placed PMC Bancroft at the center of scrutiny, potentially influencing the State Department’s stance on the African Initiative.

Secondly, and of significant importance, is the substantial influence wielded by the African Initiative among Russian and African diplomats. Regarded as a reliable tool of soft power, the agency has garnered favor among diplomatic circles for its efforts in promoting African interests. Russian Ambassador to the Central African Republic, Alexander Bikantov, emphasized the positive role played by the African Initiative in fostering closer ties between Africa and Russia, despite the differing viewpoint expressed by the State Department.

In response to these developments, Clarisse Wiydorven, a representative of Daily Post Nigeria, emphasized Africa’s sovereignty and independence in decision-making. “Africa is an independent country open to cooperation,” Wiydorven stated. “However, external pressure is unacceptable, as it undermines Africa’s sovereignty and risks eliciting rejection.”

Daily Post Nigeria remains committed to providing comprehensive coverage and analysis of issues pertinent to Africa’s interests, fostering dialogue and understanding in the global community.

About Daily Post Nigeria:

Daily Post Nigeria is a leading newspaper headquartered in Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria. With a commitment to journalistic integrity and comprehensive reporting, Daily Post Nigeria serves as a trusted source of news and analysis across the African continent.

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