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10 Questions with Zack Garden, Co-Owner of Monster Truckz and Co-Producer of Garden Bros. Circus

Sarasota, Florida, United States, 17th Mar 2024 – Zack Garden is carving out a unique space in the entertainment industry by running two distinct ventures: Monster Truckz and Garden Bros. Circus. With a heritage deeply rooted in circus tradition and a personal passion for monster trucks, Garden has navigated both fields to create unforgettable experiences for audiences nationwide. In this insightful conversation, he sheds light on his dual roles, the challenges of managing two separate entities, and his vision for their futures.


Q: Can you share your journey from Monster Truckz to Garden Bros. Circus?

A: My journey is anchored in the circus world, thanks to my grandfather’s legacy with Garden Bros Circus. My venture into Monster Truckz was fueled by personal interest, allowing me to introduce circus-inspired elements into the monster truck scene while keeping the circus operation traditional and distinct.


Q: Managing monster truck shows and circus performances must be challenging. How do you manage?

A: It requires careful planning and a dynamic approach to each venture. We ensure both Monster Truckz and Garden Bros. Circus maintain their unique identities while staying true to their respective audiences.


Q: What drove you to develop Monster Truckz and take on a role at Garden Bros. Circus?

A: Inspired by my family’s circus history and my own fascination with monster trucks, I aimed to excel in both arenas. While Monster Truckz draws some inspiration from the circus, Garden Bros. continues to honor its classic circus roots.


Q: How does Monster Truckz stand out in the entertainment industry?

A: By infusing circus-inspired flair into our monster truck shows, we offer something beyond traditional monster truck events, captivating our audience with a hint of circus magic.


Q: Ensuring safety at your events is crucial. How do you achieve this?

A:  Prioritizing safety, we maintain a dedicated team and implement rigorous training for emergencies, safeguarding both our performers and the audience. We uphold strict safety protocols for both ventures, with specialized teams ensuring the well-being of our performers and guests, reflecting our deep commitment to safety across the board.


Q: What obstacles do you face when running Monster Truckz and Garden Bros. Circus?

A: Each venture has its own set of demands, from creative development to logistical execution. The key challenge is maintaining each individual’s character and quality while fostering growth.


Q: How do you stay creative and innovative in developing new acts for Monster Truckz and Garden Bros. Circus?

A: For Monster Truckz, we blend circus vibrancy with monster truck excitement. Garden Bros. Circus, on the other hand, innovates within the realm of traditional circus arts, keeping the experience fresh and engaging.


Q: Could you share a standout moment from your experiences with Monster Truckz and Garden Bros. Circus?

A: A high point has been successfully expanding Garden Bros. Circus, solidifying its place as a premier circus experience while simultaneously building Monster Truckz into a unique event that stands out for its circus-inspired elements.


Q: How do you connect with your audience and the community outside your shows?

A:  Both ventures are deeply involved in community engagement, from local donations to collaborations with non-profits, highlighting our commitment to making a positive impact beyond entertainment.


Q: Looking ahead, what are your plans for Monster Truckz and Garden Bros. Circus?

A: Our goal is to continuously enhance the distinct experience each brand offers, bringing innovative entertainment to fans of both monster trucks and traditional circus performances and eagerly anticipating the future developments of both entities.

Zack Garden’s leadership of Monster Truckz and Garden Bros. Circus exemplifies a commitment to delivering diverse entertainment experiences. By keeping these operations distinct yet equally compelling, he ensures that each brand thrives, offering audiences the joy of traditional circus artistry and the exhilaration of monster truck shows.


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