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GWM Takes Center Stage at Guangzhou Auto Show, Spearheading Global Trends in New Energy Vehicles

Baoding, China – GWM’s showcase at the recent Guangzhou Auto Show underscored the brand’s prominence in green mobility, positioning itself as a front-runner in the global value chain. Departing from conventional norms, GWM is embracing the revolutionary currents of electrification, intelligence, sharing, and connectivity.



With the brand’s excellent R&D strength, GWM has launched a total of 14 new energy models, along with the global pre-sale of the TANK 700 Hi4-T and launch of Shanhai POER Performance Edition. The featured exhibits at the GWM booth unveil the brand’s latest technological initiatives, product development endeavors, and research and development investments.


The new Hi4 and Hi4-T technologies are widely used in this exhibition, in which Hi4 is committed to creating a value triangle of strong performance, high efficiency and low price. Through technology renovation, the new Hi4 technology brings users the “four-wheel-drive experience, two-wheel-drive price, four-wheel-drive performance, two-wheel-drive energy consumption”, and through the transverse-mounted modular hybrid platform, it brings more economical 4WD performance.


GWM’s recent accomplishments are a testament to its robust independent research and development capabilities. In the first three quarters of this year, GWM invested 55.02 billion yuan in R&D, marking a 16.88% year-on-year increase. Third-quarter R&D expenses reached 19.92 billion yuan, reflecting a 30.18% year-on-year increase. Such substantial R&D investments empower GWM to consistently achieve technological breakthroughs, exemplified by the independently developed Dagger battery and the industry-leading stacking process. Leveraging this research prowess, GWM has formed strategic collaborations with top automakers and secured significant battery orders from European OEM giants.


In October, GWM’s Ora Cat DHT model received the “2023 Low Carbon Leader Model No. 1” award, certified by the European Green NCAP. The ethos of “harmonious coexistence of people, vehicles, and nature” is deeply ingrained in GWM’s value system. Integrating advanced technology with global communication efforts allows GWM’s overseas strategy under the GWM brand to progress systematically.


Pioneering European test drives, Middle East testing, and hosting new product launch events in Chile, GWM demonstrates its commitment to international collaboration. By aligning with superior technologies on the global stage and consistently earning authoritative recognition, GWM is laying a mature path for Chinese brands to achieve global prominence.


As the global new energy vehicle market expands, GWM refines its globalization strategy, capitalizing on its robust new energy R&D capabilities, technological achievements, and profound understanding of global markets. GWM is poised to lead the development trend of green mobility, steadfast in its commitment to shaping the future of sustainable transportation.



Tyler Qian

Great Wall Motor Company Limited

Baoding, Hebei Province




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