Welcome to Brite Research} We are a GIS & market research firm with a big passion for analytics. Located in the heart of New York State, we devolop and complie creative ways of looking at your business.

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By using the Brite Research for all our businesses, sales and market research; we have tripled in the last quarter. Brite gives a fresh look to all our sites, is easy to understand, and the support has exceeded my expectations. I love it!

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  • President, Migliore Technologies
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Black & White is Boring

No matter what black & white information that is given to us we can transform that in to a masterful work of art.

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Data & Design Built With Love

When someone puts all their passion into their work, you know that you will be getting the best possible product. That is Brite!

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See Your Stats Rising

Understanding where your consumers are and how to reach them will not only allow for better marketing campaigns, but

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Fancy Graphs are Cool

No one wants to look at boring lines of numbers and try to find the trend amoung those. Allow us to help.

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Truck Scene

New Google Tool Visualizes Public Data in Animated Charts

Google has just launched Google Public Data Explorer. The new Google Labs tool offers a visual way to look at and analyze large public data sets on a variety of popular search topics.

The tool is specifically designed for avid data crunchers like students, journalists, policy makers, and could be seen as Google’s prettified approach to a user-driven computational search engine (think Wolfram Alpha). Public Data Explorer is its own dedicated utility that expands and improves upon existing functionality added to the search experience last year.

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Housing Changes

  • ■Short sales still impacting housing market
  • ■ Foreclosures 16% higher than in 1Q of 09
  • ■Vacant units rose more than 7.4%; vacancy rate now 11.95%
  • ■ Home ownership rate is 65.8%

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Economic Facts

  • ■ No immediate signs of inflation
  • ■ FDIC notes record number of banks risk failing
  • ■ Commercial credit hard to obtain

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Income Facts

■ Average household income declined by 1.8 percent, from $71,437 down to $70,135.
  • ■ Median household income declined in 98 percent of U.S. counties.

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